Most of ALFA's production relies on this engineering masterpiece. With a height of more than 10 foot and a width of approximately 7 foot, this giant can produce an average of 500 stators on an 8 hour period. Fascinating is it? Consider this. A human being can produce on average 10-15 stators per day (8 hours), while this machine produces 500 stators without stopping, 8 hours straight.

On top of all this huge amount of speed, it offers the most superior quality of stators on the market. Why? Because it is computerized and configured by the number of turns on the stator, and by the wire gauge. Therefore, it is impossible for it to make the slightest error. Not to forget, after winding they are tested at 1000V with 0Amp tolerance for leakage. 

Combining all these facts together, you get the highest quality, most trusted stators on the market.